Do you want to perfume the house to surprise and delight your guests? Bet on the fresh and acid aroma of citrus. Especially the orange, a fruit that will immerse you in your childhood memories. A natural anti-stress, it has valuable properties such as vitamin C and magnesium that boost immunity. And, above all, orange smells divinely good: during these winter holidays, it is the aroma you need to wrap your interior in a fresh and delicate veil. How to prepare your own room spray? It’s over here.

Orange natural air freshener to perfume the house


Oranges – Source: spm

In addition to stimulating your body and providing you with a full supply of vitamins, oranges are also an inexpensive solution to deodorize various spaces. So you can make your own air freshener naturally. As a bonus, the method is very simple and enjoyable to perform.

To embalm your interior with intoxicating aromas, you will only need a very juicy orange. Squeeze it and pour the juice into a saucepan. Add 500 ml of water and bring everything to a boil. Heat the solution until it boils. Then let cool. After a few minutes, strain it through a strainer and pour it into a spray bottle.

orange peels

Orange peels – Source: spm

Application is also very simple: spray around living areas and wipe any droplets with a clean cloth. You will notice that this pleasant scent will remain on surfaces for several hours. Your guests will be dazzled by this enchanting aroma the moment they enter your home. As a bonus, it will camouflage certain odors escaping from the kitchen.

NB : be careful anyway, this home fragrance is best avoided in case of allergies or hypersensitivity. Make sure none of your guests have allergies.

Other orange-based air fresheners

We are going to reveal other solutions to perfume the house.

  • Instead of throwing away orange peels, recycle them in the most judicious way: by installing them on your radiators, they will give off a wonderful aroma in all rooms.
  • You can still prepare a fragrance for the room with fruits and plants. For this you will need the skin of 5 lemons, the skin of 10 oranges, some rosemary and mint leaves, 250 ml of water and 250 ml of alcohol. Put the citrus peels and herbs on a kitchen towel: mash carefully until everything is finely ground. Next, take a spray bottle, pour the water and alcohol into it. Add the mixture of the other ingredients. Shake everything well. All you have to do is spray this remedy on your curtains, carpets, furniture, and even clothing. Guaranteed freshness!
  • Finally, did you know that orange peel can act as a real decalcifier? In fact, they contain citric acid, known for its anti-tartar and anti-limescale power. So if your shower faucets or kitchen surfaces have unsightly deposits, all you have to do is use the inside of the orange peel to scrub all these areas. The limestone will quickly dissolve and your faucets will shine again.

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