People with sexual problems often find it difficult to talk about them. The sexologist is here to accompany you, advise you and inform you. He also intervenes in the treatment of sexual disorders, whether physical or psychological. Some explanations.

When is it advisable to consult a sex therapist?

Specializes in the treatment of sexual disorders, the sex therapist he works with couples or individually to help his patients regain a fulfilling sexual life. The reasons for consulting it are several:

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What can a sexologist contribute?

The sex therapist is there to help all people who have difficulties with their sexuality and do not feel fulfilled. For example, he can help his patients to find desire, to solve small daily problems that can interfere with sexuality, to give keys to fight against the exhaustion of a partner. Whatever the problem found, do not hesitate to consult quickly to avoid its accentuation and the appearance of a feeling of guilt and frustration.

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The sexologist can also intervene in a preventive way, especially with young people with whom he can deal with issues such as AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, papillomavirus infections… He also has an advisory function for everything related to the port condoms , for example.

A consultation with a sexologist usually takes the form of a discussion during which the professional listens to the patient and then provides specific advice about sexuality. You can also prescribe exercises to be done individually or with your partner. No specific preparation is necessary before a consultation. The patient just has to feel completely comfortable and that also largely depends on the sex therapist.

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